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Competition for ALL girls: We are currently looking for Budding Female Teasers who would like to have the chance to be the fantasy house 'Teaser Of The Month' Gal.

Any of you gals out there who would like to submit a photo (sexy and cheeky but no explicit bits please) will have the chance to win $100 cash prize and have their photos featured on our teaser page as Gal of the month for a whole month.

Guys may submit your girlfriends photos but please get her permission first! Winners are chosen by viewers to our site as they vote by email as to which is their favourite teaser. You must include your name/nickname GO GALS!

Email your entries to

June/July Nominations

Vote for me

Vote for me

Vote for me

Vote for me

Vote for me

Vote for me

Votes will be tallied and the winner will be announced at the end of the month. Send in your amateur photos to be included in next months nominations and the chance to win $100!

Previous Winner

Congratulations to "Rachael" who has won $100

Guys can also win by voting for your favourite teaser! Simply click on the link under your favourite girl and send the email with your name/nickname, and you will go into the draw to win 20 minutes of free XXX chat! It's that easy :)

View previous House Teaser nominations

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